Garage Conversion Ideas

Interesting Garage Conversion Ideas

When people think of garage conversions and what they can do with the space, thoughts generally turn to bedrooms and office space. However, actually there is so much more you can do with the extra room. Check out a few of these ideas below:

A Games Room

If you’re into gaming then why not change your garage into a state of the art games room? As a garage is generally away from the house, you’ll be able to game here to your heart’s content. Get the room converted, hang up a flat screen TV on the wall, fill the fridge with beer, plug in your games console and you’re good to go. You can even decorate it with funky gaming decor and related materials if you want to go the extra mile and make it something different.


If you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do with your new found space why not set it up like a casino? Although you can’t partake in real gambling you can easily invite friends over for a few drinks and spin of your roulette wheel. Just think, once its set up you’ll be able to have a social life without the massive costs involved in a night out a real casino – perfect!

PubĀ  Room

Talking of a social life, you could turn your garage space into your very own bar. Of course you won’t able to sell alcohol but you could invite friends round for a few drinks. With the space available you could even go the whole hog and put in a pool table, darts board and/or juke box. A lot of these items can be picked up second hand, which helps to make the cost of the conversion as cheap as possible.

Home Cinema

If you are into films then why not install your very own cinema? It is actually quite easy to do – a large projector screen and some comfortable seats is really all you need to get going. People like garage conversions as a home cinema because they’re dark and away from the home. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with your very own cinema – why not get them to bring around some popcorn and enjoy a movie or two with you?

A Man Cave or a Girls Haven

If you are lacking space in your home and feel that you are always under each other’s feet you could turn the garage space into something useful. Set up a room to suit your personality, whatever it is that you enjoy. That way, when things at home get too much you always have a space you can escape to.

So there you have some, some really wonderful and interesting ways to make the most of your extra space. If there is something you have always wanted in your home but you just don’t have the space to do it then converting your garage could be the perfect way to make this happen.

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